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Visitor Visa Extensions

Changing your status after coming to Canada by temporary resident visa.

Those who require a visa to come to Canada be informed that you cannot apply for a new Temporary Resident Visa from inside Canada.

Visa Validity Date

When you arrive at the port of entry in Canada, the Officer will stamp your passport or travel document and record the expiration date which is the date you must leave Canada. The visa expiration date is shown on the passport or traveling document along with the date the visa was issued. The time between when the visa issuance and the visa expiration date is called your visa validity. The issued visa does not mean that you can entre Canada but permits you to travel to Canada.

Temporary or Non-Immigrant Visa: Visitor Visa Purpose:

The purpose of the issuing visitor / tourist visa under the Canadian Immigration Act is to:

  • Allow the entry of an individual who wishes to visit Canada for the purpose of doing trade with Canadian companies, for tourism and allow other foreigners to foster scientific and international understanding.
  • At the same time controlling entry of those who wish to involve in criminal activities in Canada or who are likely to put in danger the health and safety of the Canadian society.

What is a visitor visa:

If the person meets the requirements of the Act, a visitor visa is issued which allows entry of a person in Canada. This visa which is issued by the officer is a document or stamp on the passport (in most cases).

Are visitors allowed to extend their stay in Canada?

Visitors are not allowed to stay in Canada more than their validity visa period. But visitors may apply for extension to stay longer. If you decide to stay longer, you must apply for your visa extension 30 days before your Temporary Resident Visa expires.
If you stay longer than the period you are allowed, you may lose your temporary resident status and you could be asked to leave Canada.

Visitor (Temporary Resident) Visa:

To visit or transit Canada, all citizens of the countries need to apply for a visitor visa (temporary resident visa) if they do not fall in the list of visitor visa exemption countries as below: