Ontario PNP


Ontario is one of the most multicultural provinces in Canada, where half of all new immigrants make their home. On the map, Ontario is in the middle of Canada. It is also the hub of the Canadian economy. It is a magnet for manufacturing, finance, tourism and other industries. It’s also a leader in science and the arts. It has a population of 12 million including people from 200 countries who speak as many as 130 languages.

Ontario has a strong, diversified economy, with many kinds of work and many different industries. Most immigrants come to Ontario because of the opportunities offered here.

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program: Human Capital

Ontario’s Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream is designed for skilled workers who want to live and work permanently in Ontario.

This stream enables the Ontario Program to nominate individuals that have qualified for IRCC Express Entry pool and who have the required education, skilled work experience, language ability, and other characteristics to help them successfully establish and integrate into Ontario’s labour market and communities.

Who Can Apply

To be eligible to apply under Ontario’s Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream, the candidate must meet provincial and federal eligibility criteria. The candidate will be assessed against both as part of the nomination process.

To qualify under Ontario’s Express Entry Human Capital Stream, the candidate must:

  • Have a valid profile in the Express Entry pool;
  • Qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker Program;
  • Indicate an interest in immigrating to Ontario AND
  • Have received a Notification of Interest from Ontario through your online account.

Ontario’s Express Entry Human Capital Stream Criteria

To be eligible to apply, the candidate must meet the following provincial criteria:

  • Work Experience: A minimum of one year work experience within the past five years according to the criteria under the Federal Skilled Workers Program
  • Education: Equivalent of a Canadian Bachelor’s degree or above
  • Language: A minimum benchmark in English
  • Comprehensive Ranking System Score: Must have obtained a minimum CRS score under the Express Entry system as determined by the director.

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